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Weddings & Parties

For something unique and very different how about a cake made of different cheeses one on top of the other. This is a bespoke service and the following will give you some ideas. Do contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Wedding 'Cake'

This beautiful and delicate flowers (provided by the bride of course) highlighted the wonderful colour contrasts of this 'cake' to perfection. The base layer was a cheddar made by one of our cheese stockiest, Longmans, who are based just outside Yeovil. A whole Cornish Blue came next followed by Wild Garlic Yarg which not only set the colours off superbly but also provided a lovely base ready to be topped by a Godminster cheddar in the shape of a heart! As this 'cake' did not contain a soft cheese the small cheeses on the edge of the board are Black-eyed Susan's. The total weight of this 'cake' was around 14kg.

This 'cake' was prepared for a 40th birthday party. There were to be 20-30 guests so we chose Devon Oke as the base layer which contrasted brilliantly with the vibrant green of Wild Garlic Yarg. A small (1kg) Cornish Blue came next topped with Chatel and Capricorn Goat which resulted in a beautifully proportioned centrepiece which the guests thoroughly enjoyed and will remember for many years. The total weight of this 'cake' was approximately 6kg, labels are the customers own.

Party 'Cake'
Wedding 'Cake'

The simplicity of this cake was stunning. The bride and groom sampled many cheeses in advance and I was able to arrange for their favourite cheese Garden of Eden, to be specially made in a size suitable for a base layer (approximately 8kg). We placed a whole Cornish Blue next and topped it with White Nancy with a total weight of around 13kg. The bride and groom provided the wooden base and decorations to match the wedding colours.

Cheese Favours

Break from tradition and include cheese instead of sugared almonds in your party favours. For this Somerset wedding we tried out three different styles and presented guests with three cubes of different Somerset cheeses.

Cheese Favours

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.