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Little Wallop

Little Wallop


[ Goat Mould Ripened Veg Unpas ]
White Lake Cheeses Ltd, Somerset

This cheese is made by White Lake Cheese exclusively for Juliet Harbutt, the power behind the British Cheese Awards, and Alex James, formerly of Blur, who lives near her in Oxfordshire. The little 115g cheese is washed in Somerset Cider Brandy and wrapped in vine leaves. It is ready to eat at three weeks when it has splogdes of white penicillium mould as well as some grey, pink and maybe a touch of orange. Gradually the leaf dries out and the interior starts to break down and at about six weeks can be almost runny beneath a thin white and orange edible crust. Mild, creamy and fresh when young it becomes mellow, slightly goaty and silky with a hint of apples, yeast and nuts as it ages. It also looks fantastic on any cheese board!


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