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Pick & Mix

Cheeses are grouped in a number of ways to help you make your selection of either 4 or 6 pieces. I classify the cheese by milk type - cow, goat, ewe and buffalo - and whether they are organic, vegetarian or made using pasteurised milk. In addition there are six very different styles - blue, hard, mould ripened (like brie or camembert), semi-hard, soft and washed rind which are the very smelly cheeses.

To add a cheese to your Pick & Mix selection, simply click on the 'Add to Your Selection' button.

If you would like a selection hand picked for you then simply select Sue's Choice on my Special Selections page and a great surprise selection will be on its way to you.

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Detailed Instructions

Browse through the cheeses using the menu on the left by clicking on the type - for example 'Cow'. Once you have found a cheese you wish to include simply click on the 'Add to Your Selection' button and you will be returned to this page. You can remove a cheese from your selection at any time by clicking on the 'Remove from Your Selection' button. Continue browsing by using the menu - you can view your selection at any time by clicking on 'Your Selection' or 'Pick & Mix' on the menu.

As the cheese I select is often artisan made I cannot guarantee its availability at all times. Due to this I may occasionally have to offer substitutes, if you do not wish me to do this please let me know BUT note that this may result in your order being cancelled without notice.

When you have selected all of the cheeses you require simply select whether you want 4 or 6 assorted pieces (on this page) and then click on the 'Add to Basket' button. Complete your purchase by proceeding to our secure checkout.

It is also possible to fill your selection with one specific cheese. To do this, add the cheese to your selection and add a note at checkout stating that this is the only cheese that you require.