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The origin of our food is becoming more and more important. The number of organic cheeses available in the West Country is increasing as customers demand more.

All the dairies use organic milk in the production of the cheeses in this selection. If you would like to know more about the producers do browse our dairies section.

Each selection contains a variety of cheeses similar to those shown below and has a total weight of around 800g (this is only a guide as quantities can and do vary depending on the cheese included).

Devon Blue - click to enlarge
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Devon Blue [ Cow Blue Veg Pas ]
Ticklemore, Devon

This lovely blue cheese is made from pasteurised cows milk and possesses the distinct characteristics of a cheese made at the Ticklemore dairy. It is made using Ayrshire cows milk and matured for at least four months to give a sweet and smooth, medium flavoured blue cheese.

£16.49/kg *

Fosseway Fleece - click to enlarge
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Fosseway Fleece [ Ewe Hard Veg Pas ]
Somerset Cheese Company, Somerset

This dense and waxy ewes milk cheese is a firm favourite at the local markets I attend. It has a sweet nutty flavour with a lingering depth of flavour which makes it rather special.

£23.39/kg *

Sharpham Rustic with herbs - click to enlarge
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Sharpham Rustic with herbs [ Cow Semi-hard Veg Unpas ]
Sharpham, Devon

This is a beautiful semi-hard cheese with added garlic and herbs, made in a colander, which gives it a lovely space ship like shape. It is matured for 6-8 weeks giving a youthful cheese with a rich creamy texture. It is yellowy gold in colour with a gentle, mild flavour and a natural rind which forms during the maturation process resulting in a delightful white crust.

£14.95/kg *

Win Green - click to enlarge
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Win Green [ Cow Mould Ripened Veg Unpas ]
Cranborne Chase Cheese, Dorset

This is a soft cow milk cheese ripened using traditional Camembert type moulds. It ripens to maturity at about six weeks and develops a lovely buttery texture with a creamy taste.

£5.60 each individual 250g cheese *

You are viewing: Vegetarian Variety

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* Cheeses are not sold separately - pricing is for information only