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Daisy and Co, Somerset

Richard and Caroline Harbord own an 80-acre organic dairy farm just outside Bruton in Somerset. Unlike many cheese makers they are relatively new to farming having bought their first small farm in Wales around 1989.
Daisy and Co started making cheese after extensive research as befits the business background of this talented couple. The cheese was initially made on contract at a nearby creamery and sold from the bungalow at Tree Tops Farm. Their success is such that they have now converted the bungalow into a dairy and are living in a wooden hut in the garden. They have planning consent to build a house to live in next door and Richard assured me building would start in 2007.They have just added a fifth cheese to their range which is known as Vipers Grass and is like Goldilocks with added garlic and herbs. The others are Goldilocks, Indian Blanket (smoked) and Back-eyed Susan which are the soft, mould ripened Camembert style cheeses. The first two have won Gold Medals at the World Cheese Awards. Corn Marigold a golden semi-hard alternative. The nature lovers amongst you may have noticed that all the cheeses are named after daisies!