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Bocaddon farm Ltd, Cornwall

Bocaddon Farm Ltd. (BFL)
The herd of Guernsey cows produce unique milk which is used to produce the yellowy cheese which is high in A2 beta-casein which is thought to be beneficial to health. The cows feed on nothing but the lush Cornish pasture for two months before calving and the whey from the cheese making process is fed back to the calves too. BFL is a truly family affair. Rob and Sam run the dairy herd. Auntie Lizzie and Uncle Andrew have helped them to establish BFL and also make the cheese and ensure the smooth day to day running of the business. Mum and dad lived in the main farmhouse for twenty five years and run B&B; and a holiday cottage at Bocaddon. Sister Vicky and her family also live on the farm and rear welfare friendly veal.
Areas of the farm are managed to promote wildlife. Pollen and nectar plants are encouraged which produce food for insects and small animals providing a source of food for birds.