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S.A. and G.H. Keen, Somerset

The Keen family have been producing traditional cheddar cheese at their dairy at Moorhayes Farm near Wincanton for over 100 years. Of the two brothers George is the cheese maker whilst Stephen works the farm. They see themselves primarily as farmers who also make cheese. When their grandfather came to Moorhayes Farm in 1900 everyone who farmed made cheese, very often as was the case here the dairy was next to the kitchen. Thus it continued until 1990 when a barn was converted to a new larger purpose built dairy.

Every care was taken to ensure that the cheese remained genuinely traditional. You can pay them no greater compliment than to say the cheddar tastes just as it did in grandfather's day!

George now takes a back seat in the dairy allowing his son James to take the lead. Similarly Nicholas leads for his father on the farm. It is a truly family concern.

They continue to use milk only from their own herd, resisting the temptation to buy milk in order to meet demand. As a result Keens cheddar remains a traditional and truly Somerset product.

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