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Woolsery Cheese, Dorset

Annette Lee first kept goats in 1990. Cheese first came part of her life about five years later. She started making hard goats cheese in a converted room on the side of her farmhouse near Crediton in Devon.
Gradually her herd grew to over 400 and she reached the point where the cheese was so successful she could not manage both the goats and making the cheese. It was a very big emotional wrench when she passed the herd onto friends who continue to care for and milk the goats today.
Annette's cheese is so successful she keeps expanding. In 2000 she moved from Devon to Up Sydling in Dorset. She now makes cheese every weekday morning.
Her range has also expanded to include the original hard goats, also Woolsery oak smoked, semi-hard and soft goats cheeses.
She also produces a semi-hard and a hard, cheddar type cheese using cows milk from a local herd.