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About Us

Cheese Tasting - FamilyAfter moving to the West Country in 1999, a small group of enthusiastic families started tasting cheeses made by artisan cheese makers from all over the West Country. Together my family and the others formed an informal club and I undertook to source and buy cheeses on behalf of the members.

Each family in the cheese club enjoyed evenings tasting a variety of cheeses and we saw our children begin to experiment and develop favourites too. We soon knew quite a bit about the cheese but always found there was more to learn. Before long, I started to visit the dairies, meet the producers and write about the extraordinary people and cheese I discovered. It all seemed too good not to share!

Cheese Tasting - ChildMany of us were working full time and constantly facing the hustle and bustle of life trying to juggle work, children, partners and eat good food as well. The idea of having this fantastic cheese delivered to our door was an appealing prospect. So, with encouragement from my friends I decided to expand and invite others to join us. You are welcome to call me to chat about the type of cheese you like, but don't be put off if one of the children answers and tells you their favourite!

So who joins us and why?

Cheese Tasting - ManOne family make cheese their special Sunday lunchtime treat and along with their children and guests score each cheese out of ten. All members are invited to do this directly onto the web site or pass their comments back to me for input.

Another couple reserve the cheese for Sunday evening when the children are in bed and often devour a complete cheese board with a bottle of wine, thus taking time for each other in their hectic schedule!

One of our gentleman members could not believe the cheese he was eating was cheddar - it was so tasty that he became a regular taster.

I hope you choose to join us and enjoy the wonderful West Country cheeses that we have come to love.

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